Please check back for seasonal specials!


Fruit Cake

Loaded with sweet dates, nuts and candied fruit. Available in 14 oz. and 30 oz. $10.95 / 19.95

Country Stollen

Sweet dough, citron & spices, pecans, raisins & candied fruit $8.25

European Stollen

Sweet dough, orange peel, almond paste, candied fruit soaked in dark rum. $11.95

Cinnamon Roll Tree

10 cinnamon rolls with vanilla icing in a tree shaped covered foil pan. $10.25

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

10 small gourmet cinnamon rolls iced in cream cheese $8.25

Parkerhouse Rolls

A dozen soft pull-apart dinner roll with a hint of butter inside. $4.25

Tom & Jerry Batter

The best in the Valley…Add rum, brandy & nutmeg to warm your spirits! (32 oz.) $7.75

Fancy Mini Dessert Tray

Assortment of 24 small Cream Puffs, Petit Fours, Eclairs, Cheescakes & more. $29.95


Kris Krispie

Chocolate Covered Rice Krispie Treats in various designs in a clear bag. $3.95

Yule Log

Yellow or chocolate cake…white or chocolate filling. (8″ Serves 8, 24″ serves 24) $21.00 / 57.00

Gift Cake

8” Double layer square available in yellow, chocolate or marble. (Serves 16-20) $27.00

Christmas Tree Brownie

A nut-free chocolate brownie in the shape of a tree. (Serves 8-10) $10.50

Baby Cake

Individual Serving…perfect little gift. Yellow or Chocolate $3.50

8″ Round Theme Cake

Easy to serve….Available in yellow, chocolate or marble (Serves 8-10) $13.00


Iced Cutout Cookies

Bell, Holly, Reindeer, Santa, Snowman, Star, Stocking, Tree $15.00 Dozen

Gingerbread Cookies

Boys and girls with apricot glaze and colorful accents. $2.50

Iced Ginger Rounds

Soft gingerbread iced in sweet white chocolate. $6.50

Classic Cut-Outs

Small bells, stars & trees covered with colorful white milk chocolate. $9.95

Fancy Butter Cookies

One pound of our finest assortment in a decorative box $16.50

Holland Ice Box Cookies

Our buttery ice-box cookies in a decorative 20 oz. ornament container $10.95

Butter Blossoms

These “spritz” cookies are one of our best sellers…about 30 per container. $8.50 lb.


Traditional German cookie with anise, molasses & honey rolled in powdered sugar. $8.50 lb.

Speculas Spice Cookies

A popular Dutch spice cookies with cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg $8.50 lb.

Butter Crescents

This butter cookie is loaded with pecans & walnuts then rolled in powdered sugar. $8.50 lb.

Canine Cookie Tray

A 20 oz. assorted variety of all our popular wheat-free dog treats. $13.95

Christmas Tree Tray

1 lb. Fancy Butter Cookies and 1 lb. Butter Blossom Cookies in decorative tree tray $29.95


Un-iced Cutout Cookies

Have fun decorating your own. $8.00 Dozen

Un-iced Favorites

2 Dozen Box – 6 each: Stocking, Bell, Tree, Star $13.75

Family Cookie Kit

20 Cookies, Icing, Sprinkles, Sugar and a gift platter with cover. $25.95

Cutout Cookie Dough

Our famous original recipe! 3 lb. pail makes 3-4 dozen cookies. $9.00

Gingerbread Dough

3 lb. pail makes about 3 dozen gingerbread men or 5 dozen gingersnaps. $9.00

Cookie Icing

The secret to our great tasting cookies! Enough for 4-5 dozen. $8.00

Melting Chocolate

24 oz. of easy-to-heat white or milk chocolate disks for your holiday treats. $9.75

Gingerbread House Kit

Great family fun…decorate your own at home – Includes Royal Icing. $19.00


Pumpkin Pie

Tasty and timeless…this 8″ pie serve 6-8 guests. $8.25

Caramel Apple Pie

A delicious dessert that will appeal to everyone! $8.75

Pecan Pie

Made with fresh roasted pecans $9.00

Mincemeat Pie

Made with Apples, Raisins, Cinnamon and Nutmeg $8.25

Silk Pies

Grasshopper Mint or Chocolate $9.25